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The National Basketball Academy is a professional basketball training organization. Founded by Shane Kline-Ruminski and Mike Heines in 2003, the Basketball Academy offers basketball skill training for individuals and teams through a variety of standard and custom training programs for professional, collegiate, high school and youth athletes.

The Academy offers individual/ group training and team training in the following categories:
• Shot Mechanics Training
• Ball Handling
• Offensive Footwork
• Defensive Movement and Positioning
• Offensive Movement
• Post Player Footwork and Movement

The National Basketball Academy also runs several camps for players interested in improving themselves in a group setting. These camps times are posted on this site and you can register for them online or by calling the phone number listed on the top of this page.

  The National Basketball Academy sponsors, organizes and operates boys and girls tournaments and weekend shootouts. You can register for these events online in the Registration Section or you can call us at the number listed above. Our goal is to organize, promote, host and manage basketball events of the highest quality, on a local, regional, and national level. We are firmly committed to a standard of excellence in all of our basketball events.

We also have the Interactive Academy, an online resource of information for subscribed users where schools, coaches, agents, teams and other subscribed members can post recorded media files of players and teams in action for review by interested parties or where we can host live, interactive videoconferencing for player interviews and meetings. We also have the Academy Bulletin Board where you can post questions, provide us feedback and suggestions to improve our service to you. There is a Contact Section where you can email us for specific requests - please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our Academy Store is available for you to purchase basketball and training specific merchandise as well as text and manuals that will help you improve your conditioning and on court performance. Pay particular attention to the Specials Section as there will be unique opportunities to purchase select items at discounts from our select sponsors.


"Shane's training is excellent. He really understands the game of basketball and is able to relate it in a pleasant and understandable way. His insight and training helped me maximize my position in the draft and I continue to rely on him to improve specific parts of my game . I would encourage any player who is serious about his game to Train with Shane!"

Nene 2002 NBA 7th pick, 2002 first team all rookie

"My son came to Chad to help him develop the skills necessary to be a competitive athlete in high school. After only 4 individual training sessions with Chad, my son’s basketball coaches have noticed much improvement in his ball handling, foot work and shot. I can’t imagine what they will see by the time tryouts roll around in November! Not only has Chad taught him skills, he has given him confidence and the mentality that he can be a good, competitive player. Thanks, Chad, for being such a positive influence in my son’s life!”

Regina Landry, client

"Shane is able to quickly evaluate players and design programs to maximize their improvement. He is also able to communicate effectively his ideas. I would recommend him highly to any player looking to improve quickly."

Michael F. Coyne, Agent/Sports, Lawyer

"The National Basketball Academy is an important asset to the youth basketball population in Greater Cleveland. Steve Vega is an excellent teacher in regards to basketball fundamentals. He commands excellence from the youth he works with through his understanding of the game, patience and work ethic. I would recommend the National Basketball Academy to any player whom is focused on improving in the game of basketball."

Head Coach Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavaliers


Shane discussing sportsmanship at camp

Jack leading a training session at a recent Magic camp

Daniel Gibson fielding questions at the JCC

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